How To Get More Comments On Instagram Posts

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How To Get More Comments On Instagram Posts

Instagram has become one of the most important social media platforms in the world, particularly when it comes to building a business or succeeding online.

Each and every day, billions of people flock to Instagram – spending more than 53 minutes every day on the platform (on average). When you can get in front of even just a fraction of that flood of targeted traffic you’re able to skyrocket your business results almost overnight.

At the same time, you’ll be bumping up against significant competition on Instagram for sure. All of your competitors are always going to be a click or swipe away, fighting for the same attention you are fighting for.

You have to be smart, savvy, and strategic about how you go about getting more likes and comments on your Instagram content for sure.

That’s where this quick guide comes into play.

Let’s dig right in!

Contests and Giveaways ALWAYS Work

One of the easiest ways to skyrocket engagement on your Instagram account (right up there with purchasing cheap Instagram comments) is running a contest or giveaway on your Instagram platform.

It’s no secret that people love getting something for nothing. If you have something relevant, something valuable, and something exciting to giveaway it’s easy to add hundreds if that thousands of people to your Instagram following almost instantly. Require them to leave a comment on your post to be entered into the contest or giveaway and your comments will skyrocket, too.

Obviously, you’ll have to run legitimate contests and legitimate giveaways or you’ll burn out pretty quickly. Spending $500 or more on something special to giveaway can give you an outsized return on your investment, especially if you look at this from a marketing investment standpoint.

It’s definitely worth considering.

Host an Instagram Takeover

Either having some Instagram influencer take over your account, or you take over someone else’s account, can help you “cross pollinate” and gain followers and comments from Instagram users that you might not have ever interacted with before.

We see these kinds of mash ups on Instagram almost every single day. And that’s just another sure fire sign of them working wonders, particularly for folks that are also willing to take the next step to buy cheap Instagram comments as well.

Sure, this can take a little bit of time to get going at first (especially reaching out to different influencers in your industry or niche). But when you had a homerun with this approach you can take your Instagram success to the next level straightaway.

Engage with Your Audience

A lot of Instagram users overlook the value and importance of actually engaging with their followers, engaging with their audience, and acting like a real human being on this social media platform rather than using it purely as a promotional vehicle.

Far too many people think of what they want to get out of Instagram first and foremost rather than thinking about what everyone else is on Instagram for. People are a lot less concerned with what you have going on compared to what they are interested in, and the more you can feed their interest – and the more you can engage with them – the more comments you’ll be able to gain.

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Use Relevant Hashtags

Another big these of the puzzle for boosting your comments on Instagram (especially organically) is to tap into relevant hashtags that are already starting to trend around Instagram.

Rather than try to build up a storm of new hashtags and getting a whole bunch of energy behind them simply step on board a runaway train that’s already knowing viral, put your content in the front seat, and let your marketplace find your content this way.

This is a top-tier and strategic move that a lot of the most prominent Instagram influencers take advantage on a daily basis to not only build up their own profile but to build out client profiles and to rack up a sky-high amount of comments along the way.

Simply Buy Cheap Instagram Comments

Here at VogueBang we offer a number of Instagram marketing packages specifically designed to help online entrepreneurs skyrocket their success on social media, and the offer to purchase cheap Instagram comments directly from us – and bundles – is a great way to take that next step.

When you make this decision, you shortcut the natural Instagram growth process significantly. Instead of having to sit around and hope for the best (hoping for attention) you generate your own “Instagram heat” with comments that come from real users.

Almost overnight you’ll be able to watch as your engagement rates skyrocket, your follower count skyrockets, and your overall Instagram credibility and Instagram celebrity improve in your niche and your space.

If you’re sick and tired of taking the slow road to success check out the cheap Instagram comments packages we make available today.