How To Buy Instagram Story Views?

How To Buy IG Story Views

Nowadays, IG stories have become one of the quickest and easiest forms of visual marketing content. They are a great tool to tell compelling stories and increase engagement with your audience.
Instagram stories are a proven way of drawing potential customers to your website as well.

But due to the competitive nature of the Instagram platform, it can become difficult to get that many views on your stories. Some try organic ways of growing their views, whereas some take the smarter route and decide to buy Instagram story views.

Why Should I Buy Instagram Story Views?

There are many reasons one should invest in Instagram story views. Here are some of the most important ones.

Increases Credibility

On a social media platform like Instagram, numbers play a crucial role in establishing one’s credibility and brand value.
A higher number of views on a story indicates that more people are interested in knowing about the post. It represents better engagement with the audience, hence better credibility.

Even if you run a business or are trying to establish your personal brand, these numbers can help you catch better deals on brand collaborations and sponsorships.
Along with that, since the view count is only visible to the user, one can simply take a screenshot of the number of people that viewed the story and post it on their feed to make the credibility visible.

Gives Better Exposure

A combination of a high number of views and the right hashtags can help you get better exposure. If your story already has a high number of views on it, and you have put a hashtag on it, whenever someone uses that hashtag to search for content, your story will appear on their search list.
Besides, if you put a location tag, chances are that your story might appear on the For You page of people with a similar location.

Gives A Competitive Advantage

More views on IG stories represent more visibility and brand awareness. Therefore, you get a competitive edge over the market competitors.

Cost Effective

Trying organic ways of increasing IG story views can be both time- and effort-consuming, and in the case of giveaways and contests, they require monetary investments too.
On the other hand, if you buy Instagram story views, it only takes a little investment, saves a lot of time and energy (that you can use in your business!), and, most importantly, gives guaranteed results.

Why Buy IG Story Views At Voguebang?

Here are the top five reasons why Voguebang should be your first choice to buy Instagram story viewers.

1. You Get Views From 100% Original Accounts

We don’t use bot accounts for views like others. So, every view that you get will be from a 100% human account.

2. The Delivery Takes Less Than 24 Hours

24 hours is the maximum time limit for delivery, and usually, it takes even less than that. You get every single view you ordered in this time, or you get some extras free of cost as compensation.

3. Safe Payment Options

We only use legitimate payment options like credit/debit cards and PayPal to add that extra layer of protection.

4. Money Back Guarantee

If you don’t like what you got or maybe for some other reason, you can just ask for your money back, and we will ask no questions at all.

5. 24/7 Customer Support

To resolve every big or little query of yours, we have a 24/7 active online chat and email customer service.

How To Get More Ig Story Views Organically?

Here are some tips you can follow to get more IG story views organically.

Be Diverse And Consistent

To keep your audience entertained, you need to post an array of content. And once they start watching your stories, you need to be consistent with posting so that you can retain them.
Maintaining an editorial calendar can help in planning things better.

Engage With The Audience

You can use different fun and engaging stickers for IG stories to interact with your audience. Some of the very popular ones are the polls, ask me anything, countdown, or the emoji sticker that helps rate things.

Use Them As Teasers

IG stories are a great option to post interesting content that isn’t important enough to post on your feed.
It could be a teaser to your new post or behind the scene clips. You can even use multiple stories to make a mini vlog.

Put Offers On Them

In order to make people hooked onto your stories, you should always put some kind of offer, discount, or giveaway details on your stories.
Once you start doing it, your audience will have FOMO (fear of missing out) and will regularly watch your stories.

Highlight The Best Ones

The worst part about stories is that they disappear after 24 hours. So, if you have fun and engaging stories, you can add them to highlights to attract new viewers.

Final Thoughts

Social media, like Instagram, is an unpredictable space, and we mostly can’t control how others are going to react to our content. While all these tips are highly effective, there is no guarantee that they are going to work.
Plus, they take a huge amount of time and dedication to achieve. It is better to invest that in more important aspects of your business. Besides, when you can buy Instagram story views (which takes no time and shows guaranteed results), why not go for it?



When Can I Expect IG Story Views Delivery?

Once your order is confirmed, all your views will be delivered within 24 hours.

Is It Safe To Buy Instagram Story Views?

Yes. It is absolutely safe to buy Instagram stories, as they are not monetizable.

Do I Have To Have A Public Profile To Get Story Views?

Yes. You do need to make your profile public if you want to get story views.

Do I Need To Share My Password For This Service?

No. We don’t need that, and NEVER share your password with anyone for this kind of service.

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