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How To Buy Instagram Comments?

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Instagram is where everyone is. From your neighbors and friends to potential customers and business investors, it’s a hub for people to connect with each other. With your pictures, words, and aesthetics you can weave an enticing world of a business package which people just can’t resist. But you will only get more attention and business offers from the number of likes and comments on your posts. The equation here is simple- the more comments and likes you have, the more chances there are of you catching the attention of potential customers. But there are now ways to get those Instagram comments instead of just waiting for them. Now you can just buy custom Instagram comments. Before we proceed to tell you how, here are some more details on the matter:

People Buy Cheap Instagram Comments

Why are comments more important than likes?

‘Likes’ or ‘hearts’, whatever they may be called are also a popular parameter to judge how popular a post is. But there is a little glitch is using likes as the foundation for a business. This is because anyone can like a post in passing. It’s quite easy to get a heart, if someone finds your post appealing on some aesthetic, emotional or intellectual level then a single like will be thrown your way. But comments are a different brand.
Comments help build a relationship and shows a dedicated interest in your work. It helps in giving your work more credibility and as such it aids in building a positive reputation of your work and business in the community. Of course, having a large number of followers is important first of all, but so is getting quality comments. Comments help provide your profile with a greater platform for exposure. A huge number of comments on your Instagram posts will make your account look appealing, unique and will attract more followers. This is why you need to buy Instagram comments.

How can one buy IG comments?

It’s really easy to buy Instagram comments. Here’s a step by step process of doing so:

  • Select a vendor:

    Go to a vendor who sells Instagram comments. There are many trusted sites which help you buy custom Instagram comments and which are authentic as well.

  • Choose a package:

    When you visit the vendor site, you will see that they will have various kinds of packages. These packages will highlight the price you will have to pay in relation to the number of comments you will get. There will be options to buy cheap Instagram comments and even huge bulk ones which are highly priced.

  • Enter the order details:

    After you have selected the package you want, enter the order details in the form. Give all the details required therein. Again, you can buy cheap Instagram comments, the pricey ones or those which are mid-range according to your budget.

  • Select images:

    Now, select the images and posts on which you want those comments to be made. Make sure you select carefully. Also, make your choice before even filling up the form and evaluate which posts can give you more reach in the real business world.

  • Checkout:

    Checkout using the form of payment which is accepted by the site. They can use Bitcoin, PayPal and other forms of payment. Whatever the way of paying, it will surely be hassle free and won’t take you more than a minute to do it.

Why buying Instagram comments is better than asking your friends and family?

It’s common to think, why should you buy custom Instagram comments when you can definitely get your family and friends to do it for you and that too for almost no monetary cost more likely. But more often than not, they will already be in your follower list and must comment frequently, the comment count isn’t going to increase by a lot. If you get new and old friends to also chip in then, even then your comment count won’t increase by a lot. This is because when you buy IG comments, you get them in huge numbers which is just not possible to achieve from any immediate social circle.

Tips on getting more Instagram comments:

There are some smart ways which people seldom use or even know off which can give your posts a healthy comment boost. Some of the ways are:

  •  Host a form of a contest or a giveaway so as to spark user engagement:

You must have seen a variety of giveaways regarding books to tickets and more. These are held quite regularly and the contest terms generally do involve either following the profile, commenting on the post or maybe a combination of the two. You can not only get healthy engagement for such posts but many people will also follow you to keep track of such future giveaways as well.

  •  Host a takeover:

One way to get more comments is to invite the more popular accounts. Ask accounts with a lot of followers if they can take over your account for a day and carry out some kind of engaging activity. This will make the people who follow that account come over to your account to see what’s happening. You are bound to get more comments this way.

  • Tell your users to leave some comments:

In an era of YouTube’s ‘Like. Comment and Subscribe’ culture, people are more likely to leave comments if you tell them to. So prompt them to leave comments if they liked the content. You should also try to periodically remind them of it without annoying them of course.

  • Post content which is innovative, humorous, surprising or emotional:

Always try to provide something new to your audience. Remember that new attracts attention. For example: consider accounts which post memes and other humor content. The popular accounts in such a domain get regular comments. But along with providing new content, remember that you will have to consistently maintain that as well.

  • Make your content easily findable:

One way to do this is by using hashtags. Before putting up content, make sure you research properly and find the hashtags which are most commonly used regarding it. This will ensure that whoever searches those hashtags comes across your content. Know that Instagram has a limit of up to 30 hashtags, so use them all.


Why should you buy Instagram comments from VogueBang?

We offer a lot of advantages when you buy from them:

  • Fast Delivery:

When you pay to get comments on yourInstagram posts then you can rest assured that it will be delivered to your swiftly. You don’t have to worry about it seems like bots are commenting on your posts in bulk, the real comments will be delivered naturally and evenly.

  • Powerful Performance:

Your Instagram profile will surely climb newer heights. This will lead to better business opportunities for sure. This kind of techniques is always being improved for better customer satisfaction.

  • Easy Purchase:

Whether you choose to buy cheap Instagram comments or the pricey ones, the purchase process will remain that same. Moreover, it will be easy to carry out.

  • Premium Quality:

You will not get the best Instagram comments. The comments will be relevant to the kind of picture and caption you have posted. These comments will be from real and active subscribers who are operating on Instagram. So you don’t have to worry about the vendor charging you huge sums and not giving the adequate quality.

  • Safety and Reliability:

This is a reliable and safe way of improving your Instagram profile. The work will definitely get done without any delay or further queries.

  • Support:

The duty of the VogueBang won’t end after getting your money and giving the comments. They are ready to answer queries which you might have.


These frequently-asked-questions, as well as the information above, should have clarified what the service is to you. So if you are in need of a marketing boost to draw more potential customers to your business then this is a service which is highly advisable. It will help your business grow much faster.

Questions about the service

You are bound to have some questions regarding this buying business. So here are some of the most commonly asked questions:

Can you enter in your own comments list?

Of course, you will be able to enter your own comments section. Voguebang make use of a special tool for this. You will have to select a post and then a window will appear. There you will be able to enter your own comments list for each such post.

Will you be able to spread the bunch of comments between multiple posts on Instagram?

Yes, you will definitely be able to spread out the comments between multiple such posts of your choice on Instagram. To get this done, you will just have to select a package and then enter in your Instagram user name. From there you should be able to select from your latest posts immediately. But you should keep in mind that you can only spread the comments between his one account’s posts for one single order.

What kind of accounts will comment?

Each and every person who will comment on your posts are bound to be different. Since almost all of these accounts are regular users so you can definitely see a profile picture on them. These accounts will also not be empty and will have a few followers and posts too. But you will still notice that some of these have similarities, like a large follower list as these accounts follow a lot of other people too.

Will you be able to order comments for a private Instagram account?

This, unfortunately, can’t happen. The reason for this is that, if the vendors won’t be able to see your Instagram posts then they will not be able to run the campaign. You don’t have to stay public always if you don’t want to obviously. But you must set your profits to the public before you place the order. You can set it back to private till the next order. Also, note that you shouldn’t revert your account to private in the middle of the campaign. Doing so will stop the comment delivery process completely.

Can the Instagram account be banned for buying such comments?

There is absolutely no basis for this fear. Your account definitely won’t get banned to suspended for a simple reason- you are not doing anything wrong. Also, you aren’t the only one who is using a marketing campaign to boost your user engagement. There are millions of companies and people who are doing so too. Also, you can rest assured that your information is kept in secure servers so no one will ever know that you have indeed purchased comments.

Is there any form of the free trial?

Truth to be told, there isn’t actually. But VogueBang offer packages at really cheap rates which one should use for testing the service. Such packages sometimes begin with less than $3.

How many posts can be selected for the order?

The number of posts which you will have to select actually depends on the kind ofpackage you have selected. So check thoroughly what kind of packages are there and which one is most suitable for your needs.

Can you place multiple orders for the same post?
Actually yes. You will be able to place them any number of times actually. But you should keep in mind that delivering such huge quantities of comments will take time. Also, here’s a little tip: Don’t place orders for multiple Instagram comments packages when the previous order delivery is still in progress.
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