Terms of service

Thank you for being regular at voguebang.com. The terms of service of this website are an agreement between the users and the website. By gaining access to voguebang.com, or by making any kind of purchase from this company you are liable to be bound by the contract to the greatest extent. By accessing this website, you will be able to, you gain access to its services, thereby accepting the terms and conditions written in this agreement.

Voguebang.com has the right to make any kind of changes to the contract at any point in time. The clients who use this website regularly should I agree to follow any kind of modification that happens in terms of service contract.

Use of website

Voguebang.com give certain services including social media marketing and subscriber services. These services can only be availed with the help of this website, and all the purchases can be made right here. By purchasing the services, you have already agreed to pay the price that has been mentioned, and you will be able to have authority over the social media account that has been linked to the transaction. This is a website which will not be used for any illegal or fraudulent purposes. You should acknowledge and agree that all the transactions that have happened on this website, including the refund will be done in accordance with the contract. Also, every refund should be done with the discretion of the website.


Each and every content of this website, including the sound, video, audio, code, images, etc. are the property of this company and is protected by the copyright, Trademark as well as the other laws. Every trivial content belongs exclusively to Voguebang.com and cannot be used anywhere else without permission.

Limitation of liability

Under any circumstances, the company shall not be responsible for any damages or losses that have occurred because of your use of the Voguebang.com services. Therefore, you have to understand that the services that you are using is at your own risk and the company will not be taking any kind of responsibility in case of any unfortunate events.


In case you agree to indemnify you should do it in Alliance with the terms and conditions mentioned in the official website. You should definitely hold the company harmless based on any claim that might arise otherwise, which there will be a breach in the contract.


You have to agree that you will be using the website for legal purposes and not in order to reach any security of other websites and damage the content of any other online platform. You should agree not to add, subtract or modify the quality of content in any manner other than it is absolutely intended, and you will have to do that with the permission of the respective website.

Confidential information

Any information that is submitted by the users to this company will be kept confidential in any circumstances and will only be used during the processing of the services. Any other information sent to the website will be held as, nonconfidential therefore you have to give the company free permission to use it wherever it sees appropriate.

Rectification of inaccuracies

Voguebang.com reserves the right for rectifying any errors that are there in the content of the website, call to modify the content at any given time without any earlier notice. But this website does not guarantee that there will be an immediate correction regarding the same.


The terms of a service contract with the website comprise of all the agreement between the client party and the respective subject matter.

Termination of service

The term of this agreement will begin upon Voguebang.com acceptance of the order that you have given and will come to an end when it is terminated by any of the parties. If the company finds out that the system is being abused, then there can be an immediate termination of service without any prior notice, and it will be able to withhold any amount.

Third-party marketing campaigns

We will not be able to run any other third party marketing campaigns when Voguebang.com marketing campaign is running. Since digital statistics are used to measure the results of the campaign if any other third party campaign is going on, then the results will be absolutely inaccurate. Since the company is responsible for every view comments like and followers the third party campaign might interfere with every one of these things.

Payment or refund policy

Social media marketing is one of the most amazing services that is given by Voguebang.com, but you have to understand that the services are irrevocable. That is the reason by once the purchasing is done, and the payment is completed, you will not be able to file for any refund. If that is done, then the company has every right to ban you from this site.

Campaign duration

Any guarantee cannot be made about how long the marketing campaign will be taking in order to make a successful. Any time frame that has been mentioned by the websites is absolutely approximate, and it might take longer to give the perfect finish. The approximate time frame is given only so that the customers will be able to plan ahead.

Pausing campaigns

By standing up for the services of this website you agree that Voguebang.com has the right to pause the campaign for any reason without any prior notice. It is the motto of this website to deliver all the orders quickly, but there might be any pause in the campaigns even when it will not make you eligible for any kind of partial or even Complete Refunds.

Account or video modification

TYou will not grant the access to change, modify or remove your account while the campaign of our company is running. If you do so, that will cause the introduction of the service which is why the company may terminate the services.

Social media accounts

The company will not be liable for any accounts videos, photos that are being removed due to the services being implied to the interaction with Voguebang.com. it is impossible to determine why the social media account providers will suspend or delete the accounts or content which is why they will not be any kind of refunds possible.

Over delivery of service

Voguebang.com may do over-deliver the services that it claims leading to extra followers or subscribers and have to understand that it is not covered by the replacement guarantee of the company in case of any loss.

Replacement guarantee

This is a company which gives a limited replacement guarantee or warranty. If the customer uses its followers of subscribers after availing the services of this company, then it will definitely redeliver and replace according to the orders. There is a specific duration for each and every service, and mostly it gives a replacement policy of 60 days. Voguebang.com replacement guarantee is absolutely null when The customer has ordered from any different company or service at the same time. The customer’s account had experienced A reduction in the followers of subscribers even before it had availed the offer of the company. The customer has made an account page or contents private or restricted and if it cannot be accessed by the company If the customer has banned or deleted its followers that they have received from Voguebang.com. The voice of the company will be final in case of any non-appealable determination referred to as a replacement guarantee request is concerned.