Privacy policy

Introduction the owner, as well as operator of this website, is absolutely committed to the privacy of the users. This privacy policy mentions actually how we use your personal identity information. This policy is subject to modification at any point of time without prior notice. You have to review every part of this document every time you are visiting the website or using any of the tools and services. Below we have mentioned that at the motto of this website is not to sell, trade, lease or reveal any kind of personal information that has been submitted by you. The personal information includes a business telephone number, home telephone number, email address, name, and other details.

General information

The company is not responsible for the privacy of any information that is posted on published on any other website by the user itself. The block section of this website allows the users to post certain information that is available for the public and it is not the responsibility of the company if you lost your confidential content over there. If you are returning professional services, then an only credit card can be accepted for payment. You have to understand that the method of payment forthe reason the details will not be shared with any other person and will only use for processing the transaction. Your personal information will not even be used for marketing purposes.

Exceptions to the privacy policy

In the following section, you will be able to get the circumstances that will lead to the description of the privacy policy and will be held exceptional.
1. If any government agency for personality asks for your private information because of any legal Pursuit or legal action, then we will be liable to share your information.
2. Also in case, any attorney asked for the personal information because of any legal matter then we will have to share the information without any delay.


The users have to understand that there might be the use of cookies which will be needed when you are creating the accounts and also to understand the functionality of the tools and services in the website.
Cookies are very small programs that help in the enhancement of the use of internet in generic terms and also to improve the functionality. You need to consult the help menu of the browser if you want to turn the cookies off. You need to understand that cookies do not give out any personal information but if you turn it off of the new might not be able to get full access to the website, and the internet connection might be hampered. Cookies made it able to provide the recording session information and also show visitor preferences regarding the visit to the website. You have to understand that none of the information that is gathered will be used by the third parties. Also, show the information that is given by the users can be used for personalization for the content of the user base.

Information security

The company works hard in order to protect the website as well as the customers from any unauthorized access to alteration, destruction and even disclosure of the information that is held.
Website is encrypted with the help of secure sockets layer Technology. The definition is reviewed collected and stored as well as a process including the physical and the security measures so that there is no unauthorized access which is granted to the systems.
The access to personal information is absolutely restricted to the Employees so that there is no leakage and strict confidentiality is maintained so that in case of any obligations the employees might be terminated.

Further information

It is the policy of the website not to send any kind of unsolicited emails or allow the contact of the third parties with the help of the email ID that is given by the customers. You will be able to gain access to the website without disclosing any kind of personal data, and the information that is provided should be absolutely accurate and up to date
The visitor’s and the member’s internet protocol addresses will be gathered so that demographic information can be provided to the potential partners’ advertisers and even the investors for the other marketing purposes. This kind of information is not identifiable, which is why it is not considered as confidentiality breach.
There are a lot of implemented security policy rules as well as technical measures which will be used to protect the personal data so that the website privacy is under control and strict supervision. This kind of policies and rules along with the technological advancements will help in protecting the data from any kind of breach or improper use and even accidental loss. All the employees and the processes have access to such information is responsible for respecting the confidentiality of the visitors so that the communication can happen with the third parties without any leakage in the information. It is true that no security system can be a hundred percent full proof and the breach can happen because of the reasons out of our control. In case that happens, you will not be able to hold us responsible for that kind of loss.
The full terms of service are implemented by reference to the privacy policy and are fully set forth.

Further data collection

The company main track the General information about the pages that the users visit and collect the information which is given on the inquiry form. In case you have any kind of questions regarding the privacy policy you can definitely contact the customer care team of